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What is ActaMed?

ActaMed application allows seamless collaborative workflows at one place & give in the same time relevant data for later management improvements.

  • Benefit for Expertise Requesters

    Reduced gaps between data multipliers: business applications, humans, files collection, machines, increases insight and action efficiency. This fuels expertize requesters successfully engaged with insured persons and experts relations that last.

  • Benefit for Insurance Companies

    ActaMed SaaS solution provides accurate and timely analytics insights improving throughput for prescriptive quality management. Application provides credible process control, and alerts on issues that matters.

  • Benefit for Medical Experts

    Partnered by insurance quality management digital technology, ActaMed accelerates expertize reports production workflows, boosting quality while cutting hidden costs.

  • Benefit for Expertized Persons

    Providing greater clarity and evidence based decisions vastly improves insured person understanding and confidence towards medical expertize processes and decision making.

Tailored for medical experts

Reduce financial wastes. Use our tool customized for medical experts.

A large pool of medical expert doctors offering their appointments on a same platform reduces wasted time find the right one at the closest one to insured person’s location. Moreover as ActaMed records all logs, insurance claim manager can early and accurately estimate the number of days the final expertise assessment report will be available, enhancing fast decision making.

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What makes ActaMed so Useful & Innovative?

  • Accounts opening

    Whether you’re an independent expert, a medical center or a seeker, your most relevant descriptions are here.

  • Mandates planning

    Plan all you can do here, by report kind, law, once or recurrently, alone or pluridisciplinary.

  • Experts finding

    Search amongst many experts the one fitting you the most regarding to location and experience.

  • Appointment Management

    Your appointments may change for any reason? Manage them here and let the other parties automatically informed.

  • Secure Emailing

    Client and expert have direct communication with a link to their mandates and never forget something.

  • File share point

    Paperless solution allowing all parties share their common files throw a Safepoint & always find what they need.

  • Invoicing

    No service or additional cost missed offering client a clear vision of the activity and speed payment process.

  • Management data sharing

    All what is done, when and the management details about location, laws, report type and experts experience can be shared.

  • Reports

    Paperless solution allowing all parties share their common files throw a Safepoint & always find what they need.

  • Analytics

    Get stats on relevant objective data allows understand and illustrate what really happens in real-time.

  • Quality Management

    Quality improvement standard starts by comparing something to a standard, what clear reports finally allow.

  • Insured persons satisfaction

    Clear objective facts improves confidence between partners in the expertise process.

And that's not all..

Get engaged in a continuous quality management process and reduce financial wastes using customized tool for medical experts and their clients. Our application allow seamless collaborative workflows at one place and give in the same time relevant data for later management improvements. Unbiased reports on how the mandates are organized allows Users clearly decide about how to improve their collaboration. Using ActaMed finally grows up satisfaction and confidence amongst parties.